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【Recommended oil ranking】Use different oils depending on the cooking method!

There are many oils that are good for our health, and each has way to eat!(cooking)!
I will introduce my recommended oils by cooking method in the ranking based on the characteristics of each oil!

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  1. 1.Deep fried food, etc. (high temperature cooking)
  2. 2.Stir-fried food, etc. (short-time high-temperature cooking)
  3. 3.Sprinkle or mix (non-heating)

1. Deep fried food, etc. (high temperature cooking)

Cooking at high temperatures such as deep fried foods, grilled foods, and stir-fried foods.
I select oils with a high critical temperature and smoke point.
In addition, the main fatty acid is oleic acid, which makes it a hard-to-oxidize oil rich in vitamin E.

No.1 Rapeseed oil
No.2 Rice Oil (Rice bran oil)
No.3 Olive oil (other than extra virgin)
No.4 Avocado oil
No.5 Peanut oil

Rapeseed oil and rice bran oil have almost no taste and can be used in any dish.
Rice bran oil is especially suitable for tempura because it is crispy, but it is difficult to find rice bran oil by the pressing method, so I ranked second!

Olive oil, avocado oil, and peanut oil are also recommended, but deep fried foods use a lot of oil, so considering the cost, rapeseed oil and rice oil are better!!

Coconut oil (other than extra virgin) and ghee also have a high critical temperature and are suitable for high-temperature cooking, but because of their unique aroma and flavor, they may not be suitable all foods.

2. Stir-fried food, etc. (short-time high-temperature cooking)

Stir fry lightly or short time cooking.
Although the critical temperature and smoke point are not as high as oils for deep fried foods, I choose oils that are rich in flavor and aroma.
It is also rich in vitamin E and phytochemicals, so it is an oil that I definitely want you use!

No.1 Extra virgin olive oil
No.2 Sesame oil
No.3 Walnut oil
No.4 Camelina oil
No.5 Rapeseed oil, Rice oil

Of course, rapeseed oil and rice bran oil are good for stir-fried foods, but I recommend extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, and walnut oil, which you can enjoy the flavor of the oil!

You can enjoy different flavors, so it's good to use them properly depending on the dish, but it's a waste to be oxidized, so be sure to purchase an amount that can be used up within 1 to 2 months after opening, and at most 3 months.

3. Sprinkle or mix (non-heating)

Dressing, sprinkling, mixing, etc.
I choose oils rich in omega 3, α-linolenic acid!
It isn't suitable for heating because it has a low critical temperature and smoke point and is easily oxidized.

No.1 Flaxseed oil, Perilla oil
No.2 Chia seed oil
No.3 Sacha inchi oil (Incachin seed oil, green nut oil)
No.4 Rosehip oil
No.5 Hemp seed oil

I recommend flaxseed oil and Perilla oil, which have a high α-linolenic acid!
The astringency of walnut skin and the bluish oil make it suitable for Japanese food such as natto, so please try it.

Rosehip oil is also recommended because it is also rich in vitamin C, but it is quite expensive and difficult to obtain, so I ranked 4th!
Hemp seed oil has a high content of linoleic acid (55%), but since it contains a valuable fatty acid called γ-linolenic acid contained in breast milk, it was ranked in!

I have introduced the recommended oils in the above three rankings, but there are many other oils, so I hope you will find the one that suits you!

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※The Healthy oil introduced here is premised on Good quality oil, so when purchasing, please choose the cold pressing method, shading bottle, and organic one as much as possible!!

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