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Adjusting the autonomic nerves / Everyday oil【Rice oil】Effects and Notes

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  1. 1.What is Rice oil
  2. 2.Effects of Rice oil
  3. 3.How to use Rice oil
    1. Recommended Rice oil
  4. 4.Notes of Rice oil

What is Rice oil

Rice oil is an oil made from rice bran (brown rice epidermis and germ) that is produced when brown rice is refined, and has various names such as rice bran oil and rice germ oil.
Since rice bran is the raw material, it also contains the nutrients contained in brown rice, which is a superfood.^ ^
In addition, there are few substances that cause oil sickness when eating fried foods, and the smoke point is high, so it is an oil that is easy to use at home.

Rice oil fatty acid
Main fatty acids Oleic acid
Cooking High temperature heating OK
Storage method Dark and cool place
Taste / Aroma / Texture Smooth and odorless, with a slight sweetness of rice
Fat-soluble vitamins VitaminE, tocotrienols
Phytochemicals γ-oryzanol

Effects of Rice oil

Balance the autonomic nerves with γ-oryzanol!

γ-Oryzanol is a rice-specific phytochemical.
Since it balances the autonomic nerves, it improves symptoms that are exacerbated by stress such as menopause and gastrointestinal neuropathy.

For inflammatory symptoms and skin problems!

γ-Oryzanol also has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects, and is useful for improving skin problem and muscle aches.
Also, abundant vitamin E (tocotrienol) is an essential nutrient for making healthy skin!

The strongest antioxidant effect of tocotrienols!

Tocotrienols are also called super vitamin E and have stronger antioxidant activity than other vitamin E!
Its effect is said to be about 50 times , and it suppresses active oxygen in the body, so cells are kept young and it also prevents cancer and lifestyle-related diseases.

Adjust blood cholesterol levels with plant sterols!

Plant sterols have the function of suppressing the absorption of cholesterol in foods and excreting excess LDL-cholesterol.
Oleic acid, a fatty acid contained in rice oil at about 40%, also has a function of regulating blood cholesterol levels, so double effects can be expected ^ ^

How to use Rice oil

・For deep fried food

The oil has a high smoke point and has no peculiar taste, so it can be used regardless of the cooking genre or cooking method, but deep fried food is especially recommended!
It is an oil that doesn't easily oxidize even after repeated use. And because it contains less substance (acrolein) that causes heartburn (oil sickness) that occurs when eating fried foods.

・For making mayonnaise and dressings

The oil is almost tasteless and odorless, so the taste of seasonings and eggs stands out when making dressings and mayonnaise!
I personally think that rice oil is the best choice for making mayonnaise ^ ^

・For making sweets

If you use rice oil as a substitute for butter or coconut oil when making sweets, it will be a non-greasy dessert, so it is recommended! Especially it goes well with cookies and chiffon cake ^ ^

Recommended Rice oil

【Tsuno Foods / Pressed Extra Virgin Japanese Rice Oil】
Tsuno Foods was founded as a wheat mill in 1947. After that, in 1960, they entered the oil refinery industry using rice bran as a raw material. Today, they handle a wide range of products, including not only food products, but also cosmetics and fertilizer materials made from rice.
There are several types of rice oil, but the recommended one is "Squeezed extra versin Japanese Rice Bran Oil" which is squeezed by the squeezing method!

Click here for Tsuno Foods official page →《Tsuno Foods》

【Sanwa Yushi / COME-YU】
A company that has been making rice oil since its establishment in 1945.
They also sell reasonable rice oil that can be used every day, but I recommend the squeezing method "COME-YU"! You can enjoy the original rice oil that doesn't use chemical solvents or additives with the old-fashioned manufacturing method!

Click here for the official page of Sanwa Yushi →《Sanwa Yushi》

Notes of Rice oil

Rice oil is popular as a healthy oil that can be used as a substitute for salad oil, and has recently become common in supermarkets.
However, one thing to keep in mind when choosing rice oil is the manufacturing method. Specifically, it is a squeezing method or a chemical solvent extraction method.
Rice oil made from rice bran has a small amount that can be squeezed, so most of the rice oil is extracted with a chemical solvent. This is why some people say that rice oil is dangerous.
Although safety has been checked, if a chemical solvent is used, various processes such as deodorization, decolorization, and ultra-high temperature heating will be involved in the process, and the original nutrients and taste of rice oil will be impaired. So, when choosing rice bran oil, I recommend choosing squeezing method!

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