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Chocolate scented oil? 【Cacao butter (cocoa butter)】

The raw material is the same cocoa beans as chocolate! A natural vegetable oil that hardens at room temperature! It has a chocolate scent and is suitable for eating with bread instead of butter or for making sweets.

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  1. 1.What is cacao butter (cocoa butter)?
  2. 2.Characteristics of Cacao butter (cocoa butter)
  3. 3.How to use cacao butter (cocoa butter)
    1. Recommended cocoa butter
  4. 4.Cocoa butter is bad for our body! ?

1. What is cacao butter (cocoa butter)?

It is made by squeezing cacao mass, which is produced in the process of making chocolate from cacao beans.
By the way, cacao is the raw material itself and cocoa is the name of the processed food, but cacao butter and cocoa butter are the same, only the names are different.

It looks like buttery yellowish cream solid.
It melts at a temperature of 34 to 35 °C, which is slightly lower than the body temperature, so it is an oil that is very familiar to the skin even for skin care.
It has a slight chocolate scent, so it's perfect for eating with bread instead of butter or making sweets!

2. Characteristics of Cacao butter (cocoa butter)

Fatty acids in cocoa butter (cocoa butter)
Main fatty acids Stearic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid
Cooking High temperature heating OK
Storage method Dark and cool place
Taste / Aroma / Texture Slightly chocolate scent, lighter than butter, thicker than coconut oil
Fat-soluble vitamins VitaminE, VitaminK
Phytochemicals Epicatechin


The action of palmitic acid to activate cells and the antioxidant action of polyphenols make the skin healthy, so anti-aging effects can be expected.

Arteriosclerosis and carcinogenesis prevention!

Epicatechin, a cacao polyphenol, has arteriosclerosis and carcinogenic preventive effects.

Repel Helicobacter pylori!

Cacao FFA settles in the gastrointestinal tract and has the effect of killing Helicobacter pylori, which causes gastritis and gastric ulcer.

For sun protection and sunburned skin!

Cacao polyphenols have the effect of delaying sunburn, and the abundant moisturizing power of vitamin E and oleic acid is also effective in the care of sunburned skin and burns.

Softens the skin!

It has the effect of making it easier to remove dead skin cells and softening the skin. Prevents acne and pimples.

3. How to use cacao butter (cocoa butter)

・With sweets making and bread

It has a slight chocolate scent and sweetness, so it is recommended to use it for making sweets, eating it with bread, or using it instead of butter!

・For moisturizing the whole body

Since it contains 30% or more of oleic acid, it is suitable for moisturizing dry skin. You can also use your lips, which have thin skin and are easy to dry, with confidence.
Of course, it can also be used for hair, so applying a small amount before drying the hair is also useful for hair care.

・For burns and scars

If you continue to apply it to scars such as burns and injuries, the cells will be activated and the skin will be rejuvenated, which has the effect of thinning the scars.

・For sunscreen

Rich in Vitamin E, it is hard to oxidize and has the effect of delaying sunburn, so it gently protects the skin from UV rays.

Recommended cocoa butter

Cocoa butter made from 100% organic cocoa.
It is easy to use because it is small.

4. Cocoa butter is bad for our body! ?

The reason why "cocoa butter is bad for your health" is probably due to margarine, shortening, and other vegetable oils, which are rich in trans fatty acids contained in chocolate. However, cocoa butter is 100% natural vegetable oil and doesn't contain trans fatty acids, so it is not harmful to the body.(※Of course, it contains a lot of saturated fatty acids, so it is not good to take more than necessary!)

So when you buy chocolate, look carefully at the label on the back and make sure you buy something that doesn't have margarine, shortening, or other vegetable oils!

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