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For atopic skin and sensitive skin! The best moisturizer that protects your skin【Jojoba oil】

Jojoba oil is an ingredient that "resembles human sebum most in nature." It is an oil that suits any skin, but it is a recommended oil that protects sensitive skin and atopic skin, suppresses inflammation, and makes normal skin with vitamins A and E!

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  1. 1.What is Jojoba Oil ?
  2. 2.Features of Jojoba Oil
  3. 3.How to use Jojoba Oil
  4. 4.Types of Jojoba Oil
    1. Recommended Jojoba Oil

1. What is Jojoba Oil ?

An oil extracted from the seed of a plant called Jojoba cultivated in Mexico and the southern United States.
Jojoba is a plant that survives in dry and harsh lands, and is said to have a very strong ability to retain water!
It also contains abundant nutrients, can be used for all skin types, and is widely used in skin care and hair care.

"Wax ester", which is the main component of jojoba oil, seems to be a component similar to human sebum. It also contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other ingredients that are good for the skin.

2. Features of Jojoba Oil

The biggest feature is wax ester!

Jojoba oil is said to be most similar to human sebum in nature, and the reason is this wax ester.
About 20% of human sebum is composed of wax ester, which plays an important role in protecting the moisture and elasticity of the skin.
Jojoba oil contains the most wax esters in nature.

High moisturizing effect!

People with dry skin are generally said to produce less sebum.
The wax ester of jojoba oil supplements the lack of sebum, so it maintains the barrier function of the skin and relieves itching due to dryness!
It also accelerates wound healing.

Anti-inflammatory effect!

A component called eikosenoic acid relieves inflammation such as acne and eczema!
It is also effective against sunburned skin and burns!
By the way, I have atopic skin, but when I use jojoba oil, my skin is calm.
Occasionally, when my skin becomes red and inflamed, I apply a little more oil to it and the inflammation will subside in a few days and the old skin will turn over!

Antibacterial action!

It has the effect of killing salmonella, Escherichia coli, and Candida!
Once it becomes Candida, it is said that it is likely to recur.
There are various causes such as antibiotics, steroids, changes in hormone balance, stress, etc., but I suffered for 3-4 years ago, but since I learned about jojoba oil, I have no symptoms!

For problems with pores!

Jojoba oil, which resembles human sebum, dissolves and removes excess sebum that has clogged pores.
Therefore, it is also ideal for acne prevention and scalp care.

Strong and healthy skin, anti-aging!

It is rich in Vitamin A, which keeps the skin and mucous membranes normal, and Vitamin E, which activates the metabolism of the skin and suppresses cell oxidation, so it approaches healthy skin!

Stable oil that does not easily oxidize!

Jojoba oil, which is mostly wax ester, is not an oil, but rather a wax, so it is difficult to oxidize, and it is also rich in vitamin E, so it is a stable oil!
Therefore, it can be mixed with oil that easily oxidizes to extend the life of the oil.

3. How to use Jojoba Oil

・As it is on the skin

After taking a bath, before the water escapes from the skin.
For the face, warm 1 to 2 drops on the palm and apply gently.
In my case, I don't use lotion, so I often use only jojoba oil.
If you use jojoba oil for everyday care, it is a good idea to use it as a booster before the lotion.
However, jojoba oil has a stronger effect of not letting water escape to the outside, so it is recommended to apply it so that it traps water after regular care such as lotion and milky lotion!

・For hair care

If you use it before drying your hair, it will reduce the damage caused by the heat of the dryer and make your hair moist.
I often suffer from static electricity in my hair in winter, but I recommend using jojoba oil because it reduces static electricity!

・For scalp massage

Drip jojoba oil directly onto the scalp and gently massage with your fingers.
After the massage, if you have time, take a bath and wait a while before shampooing your hair.
Jojoba oil removes dirt from the pores of your scalp for healthy hair!
It is also recommended because the hair will be packed at the same time.^ ^

・For stretch marks prevention and baby massage

Jojoba oil, which has an emollient effect that softens the skin, is also effective in preventing stretch marks.
It is completely additive-free and can be used on any skin type, so it also can be used safely for babies!

・Mix with oil that easily oxidizes

Rosehip oil or evening primrose oil, which are good for beauty but easily oxidized.
If you cannot use it in a short period of time, you can extend the life of the oil a little by mixing it with jojoba oil and storing it!

4. Types of Jojoba Oil

《 Unrefined Jojoba oil (Golden) 》

  • Golden, thicker than refined jojoba oil, with a slight scent.
  • Jojoba's amino acids, minerals, vitamin A, vitamin E, etc. remain as they are, so it is rich in nutrition!
  • For those who want wax ester + beauty effect

《 Refined Jojoba oil (Clear) 》

  • Highly refined, almost colorless and transparent, fragrance-free
  • It is heated during refining and is well filtered, so it is low in nutrients.
  • Worried because there is also a purification method using chemicals
  • On the contrary, it is less irritating, so it is easy to use even for people with ultra-sensitive skin.
  • For those who only want the effect of wax ester
  • For those who only want the effect of wax ester

By the way, I'm definitely Unrefined jojoba oil!
More specifically, I'm using organic one.
I've also used refined jojoba oil, but it didn't work incredibly well, so I stopped using it after that ...

5. Recommended Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is not a medicine, so of course it does not have an immediate effect on rough skin or eczema.
However, in my own experience of atopic skin, it is certain that it has the effect of supplementing sebum, protecting it from dryness and external stimuli, and helping the skin to regenerate, so it is an oil that I would like people with atopy to use as well.

And, as I said earlier, I always use cold-squeezed, organic, unrefined jojoba oil!
Here are some of the oils you can buy at a reasonable price and some of the more expensive but recommended jojoba oils!

An oil that has gotten two European organic certifications, ECOCERT and COSMOS.
Jojoba oil is said to be the best in the world, not only organically grown, but also of high quality and manufacturing method.
The price is high because of its high quality, but it is recommended for people who have not been able to get the effect with other jojoba oil or people with super sensitive skin!

Click here for the official page→【NATURAL ORCHESTRA】

A historic brand, one of the world's leading jojoba oil producers. This oil is also ECOCERT and COSMOS certified.
It has a slightly smoky scent and is a little quirky than other jojoba oils. You can buy it at a low price, so I think it's good that you can buy it as a trial!

Click here for the official page→【INCA OIL】

・Tree of life
Organic jojoba oil that I often use.
There are many carrier oils and aroma oils other than jojoba oil in tree of life, and organic oils are also relatively affordable.
There are stores all over Japan, so even if you are using oil for the first time, you can actually go to the store and consult with them to purchase it, so it is recommended!

Click here for the official page→【Tree of life】

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