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Omega 3 oil that can be heated【Sacha inchi oil】Effects and Notes

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  1. 1.What is Sacha inchi oil (Inca inch oil)?
  2. 2.Effects of Sacha inchi oil
  3. 3.How to use Sacha inchi oil
    1. Recommended Sacha inchi oil
  4. 4.Notes of Sacha inchi oil

What is Sacha inchi oil (Inca inch oil)?

Sacha inchi oil, also known as green nut oil or Inca inch oil, is native to Peru and is squeezed from the seeds of a plant called sacha inchi.
The feature of Sacha inchi oil is that it is heated omega 3 oil! Generally, omega 3 is weak against heat and easily oxidized, but Sacha inchi oil is rich in vitamin E, which has a strong antioxidant effect, so it can be cooked for a short time!
Also, unlike other omega 3 oils, it does not need to be refrigerated, so it can be handled in the same way as regular oils.

sacha inchi oil fatty acid
Main fatty acids α-linolenic acid
Cooking Heating for a short time is OK (Light stir fry)
Storage method Dark and cool place
Taste / Aroma / Texture Smooth, bluish aroma and bitterness like green beans
Fat-soluble vitamins Vitamin E, γ-tocophenol, tocotrienol
Phytochemicals Quercetin, β-carotene

Effects of Sacha inchi oil

Weight loss effect!

α-linolenic acid has the function of promoting fat burning, and vitamin E γ-tocopherol and tocotrienol have a diuretic effect and drain excess water from the body, so it is also effective in improving swelling.

Antioxidant effect with Vitamin E!

Sacha inchi oil that can be heated because it is rich in vitamin E γ-tocopherol and tocotrienol.
It has an excellent antioxidant effect, removes active oxygen in the body, and makes cells youthful.

Anti-allergic & anti-inflammatory effect with α-linolenic acid!

The essential fatty acid α-linolenic acid is a fatty acid that modern people tend to lack. Since α-linolenic acid works to suppress allergic symptoms and inflammation, it is also recommended for people with hay fever and atopic dermatitis.

How to use Sacha inchi oil

・For daily cooking

Unlike other omega 3 oils, Sacha inchi oil, which is rich in vitamin E and can be heated, is convenient for everyday use such as stir-fried foods and grills!
※I don't recommend deep fried foods because the temperature rises too high.

・For making dressings and mayonnaise

It's best to use sacha inchi oil to make homemade dressings and mayonnaise, but you can also mix it with ready-made dressings and mayonnaise!

Recommended Sacha inchi oil

【Rain forest Herbs】
Organic extra virgin sacha inchi oil made from sacha inchi seeds grown on a wild organic farm in the Amazon, Peru.
Organic JAS certified and BPA-free bottles are used.

This is also an oil using organic Sacha inchi seeds from Peru.
Organic JAS certification is also obtained, and it is manufactured by the cold press manufacturing method.

Notes of Sacha inchi oil

It's a sacha inchi oil that you can easily take in omega 3 α-linolenic acid, but be sure to choose the cold press method to get the effect.
In addition, Sacha inchi, which originates near the Amazon River (Peru), will promote the environmental destruction of the Amazon if it is mass-produced. Environmental destruction always progresses just humans are alive, but in order to slow down the speed as much as possible, when purchasing Sacha inchi oil, be sure to choose an organic farm or an environmentally friendly farm!!

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