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Oil obtained from miracle fruit 【Sea buckthorn oil】Effects and Notes

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  1. 1.What is Sea buckthorn oil
  2. 2.Effects of Sea buckthorn oil
  3. 3.How to use Sea buckthorn oil
  4. 4.Notes of Sea buckthorn oil

1. What is Sea buckthorn oil

It is characterized by its deep orange color, which is extracted from sea buckthorn containing more than 200 kinds of nutrients. Sea buckthorn oil is called the Miracle Fruit because of its rich nutritional value and good balance!

Sea buckthorn oil can be obtained from fruits, seeds, or a mixture of seeds and fruits, but the nutritional value and efficacy are slightly different.
Here, I will introduce sea buckthorn oil, which is extracted from fruits rich in omega 7 palmitoleic acid!

Sea buckthorn oil fatty acid
Main fatty acids Palmitoleic acid
Cooking No heating (eat raw)
Storage method Refrigerate
Taste / Aroma / Texture Unique taste and aroma
Fat-soluble vitamins Vitamin A, Vitamin E
Phytochemicals Quercetin

2. Effects of Sea buckthorn oil

Make your blood vessels stronger and stronger!

Sea buckthorn oil contains about 30% palmitoleic acid, a rare fatty acid!
Therefore, it is effective in preventing and relieving stroke, high blood pressure, and vascular disease!

Boost your skin's healing power!

Sea buckthorn oil is also rich in vitamin A (carotenoids) and vitamin E (tocopherols), which helps heal wounds and promotes skin regeneration!

Antioxidant with polyphenols!

Sea buckthorn oil is rich in the polyphenol quercetin, so it is effective in removing active oxygen in the body and reducing inflammation! Keep your body young at the cellular level!

3. How to use Sea buckthorn oil

・For drinks

Sea buckthorn oil, which is not suitable for heating, is recommended to be mixed with smoothies or juices and take at room temperature or cold!

・For yogurt or granola

It's a rare oil, so it's spoiled to leave it! So it is also recommended to eat about 1 teaspoon of oil on yogurt or granola!

・For skin care and hair care

You can eat it, of course, but you can also use sea buckthorn oil directly on your skin and hair!
Try using it for a scalp massage before shampooing or before using lotion. If you are concerned about the texture or scent, you can mix it with other carrier oils.^ ^
※The oil is dark in color, so be careful not to get it on your white shirt as it will stain your clothes!

4. Notes of Sea buckthorn oil

A point to note when choosing oils is that oils extracted by solvent extraction or hot pressing often have quality problems. When choosing sea buckthorn oil, make sure it is cold-pressed, extra virgin, and 100% pure! What's more, it's ideal to use organic or wild sea buckthorn!

Also, as I mentioned earlier, it's a dark orange oil, so be careful not to use it near anything you don't want it to stain!

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