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Lotion to eat! ?【Wheat germ oil】Effects and Notes

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  1. 1.What is Wheat germ oil?
  2. 2.Effects of Wheat germ oil
  3. 3.How to use Wheat germ oil
  4. 4.Notes of Wheat germ oil

What is Wheat germ oil?

It is an oil classified as grain germ oil, and the raw material is wheat germ. However, the oil that can be obtained from the germ 1kg is 10g, which is very rare!
Therefore, there are many solvent-extracted oils, so be careful!
It is so rich in vitamin E that it is said to be a lotion to eat, and it suppresses active oxygen, so it is effective for beauty and aging prevention.

wheat germ oil fatty acid
Main fatty acids Linoleic acid
Cooking Heating for a short time is OK (Light stir fry)
Storage method Dark and cool place
Taste / Aroma / Texture Fragrance of grains
Fat-soluble vitamins VitaminE

Effects of Wheat germ oil

The characteristic of wheat germ oil is vitamin E content!
Here, I will introduce the health benefits of vitamin E.


Among the oils, wheat germ oil, which contains a large amount of vitamin E, has high antioxidant power and suppresses active oxygen, so anti-aging effects can be expected at the cellular level.

Activate metabolism!

When metabolism is activated by vitamin E, blood circulation improves and basal body temperature rises, so immune function works well. It also moisturizes the skin, so it also has a rejuvenating effect on the skin!

High moisturizing power!

Vitamin E is a very good nutrition not only for eating, but also for skin and hair.
Improves dryness and cracks on the skin, leading to healthy hair!

※Wheat germ oil is also said to be the food containing the highest amount of vitamin E. Therefore, people who take vitamin E as a supplement may too much, so avoid using wheat germ oil and supplements together.

How to use Wheat germ oil

・Eat raw

It is an oil that is rich in vitamin E and can be heated a little, but I recommend eating it raw!
It is an oil that is resistant to oxidation, so if you make a dressing using wheat germ oil, you can keep to eat it for 2 to 3 weeks, which is convenient!
It is also delicious to put wheat germ oil in soup as it is.

・As skin care and hair care

It is famous as a carrier oil as well as wheat germ oil, which is also called a lotion to eat, and can be used for skin care.
Most of the carrier oils sold are refined oils and have no scent, but if you don't mind the scent, we recommend using unrefined oils! However, since it is a thick oil, I think it is easier to use it if you mix it with other carrier oils to improve its spread.

Notes of Wheat germ oil

There are two points to note when using wheat germ oil.
The first is to be careful if you are allergic to wheat!
Protein is the causative agent of allergic reactions. Wheat germ oil contains almost no wheat protein, and in many cases it can be used even if you are allergic to wheat. However, since the raw material is wheat, it is safe to avoid it if you have a severe wheat allergy.

The second is to be careful the manufacturing method (extraction method)!
As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, wheat germ oil is a rare oil that can be squeezed in a very small amount. As a result, many oils are solvent-extracted, less safe, and less nutritious. When buying wheat germ oil, be sure to choose cold press or squeeze!

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