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Strong antioxidant effect! Wine by-product【Grape seed oil】Effects and Notes

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  1. 1.What is Grape seed oil?
  2. 2.Effect of Grape seed oil
  3. 3.How to use Grape seed oil
  4. 4.Note of Grape seed oil

What is Grape seed oil?

Grape seed oil is a by-product of wine, and the grape seeds that are removed when making white wine are dried and squeezed. Like wine, it is an oil rich in polyphenols and has excellent antioxidant power, and is effective for anti-aging!

Grape seed oil fatty acid
Main fatty acids Linoleic acid
Cooking Heating for a short time is OK (Light stir fry)
Storage method Dark and cool place
Taste / Aroma / Texture Smooth, light and odorless
Fat-soluble vitamins VitaminE
Phytochemicals Anthocyanidins, proanthocyanidins,resveratrol

Effect of Grape seed oil

Anti-cancer effect with proanthocyanidin!

Studies have shown that proanthocyanidin have the ability to suppress the growth of cancer cells.

Anti-allergic effect with polyphenols!

Grape seed oil, which is rich in polyphenols, can be used to prevent or alleviate allergies due to its antioxidant power.


Abundant vitamin E and phytochemical proanthocyanidin have a very strong antioxidant effect and remove excess active oxygen in the body, which helps prevent aging.

How to use Grape seed oil

Generally, it is a smooth and odorless oil, so it is said to be an oil that can be used with any ingredients.
But the grape seed oil I bought at a winery in Georgia was insanely delicious with a white wine-like flavor and a rich, bluish taste like olive oil ^ ^

・For daily cooking

Odorless, smooth oil so it is good for light heating!
Although it is an oil rich in linoleic acid, it can be heated a little because it has excellent antioxidant power. However, since the smoke point is not high, it is not suitable for dishes with high temperatures such as deep fried foods.

・For salads and bread

If the oil has a rich flavor of white wine, it is recommended to eat it raw so that the flavor can be utilized!
It goes well with bread, and if you combine it with vinegar, it will be a delicious dressing ^ ^

Note of Grape seed oil

Grape seed oil is rich in polyphenols like wine and has a strong antioxidant effect, but be careful aboout it has many linolenic acid.
Linoleic acid is one of the essential fatty acids, but in most cases it is taken too much in the current diet. Overdose of linoleic acid has been shown to increase the risk of atopic dermatitis, heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

Although it is attracting attention as a health oil, in my personal opinion, grape seed oil benefits from phytochemicals, but I don't think it is as beneficial as regular use. Moreover, most grape seed oils are solvent-extracted and are tasteless and odorless. So it's not delicious, it's not safe. (* The Georgia grape seed oil I used was cold pressed and the taste was insanely delicious, so it's worth using.)

So if you want to try grape seed oil, be sure to buy cold pressed method and it in a light-shielding bottle! Also, don't replace all the oils you use all the time with grape seed oil, but try to use it as a second oil ^ ^

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