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Adjust the balance of female hormones【Evening primrose oil】effects and Notes

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  1. 1.What is Evening primrose oil
  2. 2.Effects of Evening primrose oil
  3. 3.How to use Evening primrose oil
  4. 4.Notes of Evening primrose oil

1. What is Evening primrose oil

Evening primrose has long been valued as a remedy for bruises and wounds in the United States, and as the "king's elixir" in Europe.

Evening primrose oil is mainly composed of linoleic acid, but it also contains about 10% of γ-linolenic acid, a fatty acid found in breast milk! Foods containing γ-linolenic acid are very rare, and it is characterized by alleviating symptoms related to female hormones such as PMS and menopausal symptoms.

There are many other phytochemicals, so if you take it well, you can expect a lot of effects!

Evening Primrose Oil fatty acid
Main fatty acids Linoleic acid
Cooking No heating (eat raw)
Storage method Refrigerate
Taste / Aroma / Texture Smooth and light, almost odorless
Fat-soluble vitamins Vitamin E
Phytochemicals Proanthocyanidins, gallic acid, ellagic acid, pentagalloyl glucose

2. Effects of Evening primrose oil

For relief of PMS and menopausal symptoms!

PMS and menopausal symptoms caused by an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system are said to be caused by a decrease in female hormones.

γ-linolenic acid promotes the action of female hormones and alleviates these symptoms.

For relief of atopic dermatitis!

γ-linolenic acid acts like a protective film, enhancing the defense function of skin cells and suppressing inflammation, so it is effective for people with atopic dermatitis whether eaten or applied.

For the prevention of diabetes!

When γ-linolenic acid is taken into the body, it changes to a substance called prostaglandin E1. This substance has the effect of suppressing the rise in blood sugar level, which leads to the prevention of diabetes.

Suppress Helicobacter pylori!

Helicobacter pylori, which lives in the stomach, causes diseases such as heavy stomach, nausea, anorexia, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, and duodenal ulcer. Evening primrose oil has been shown to have a strong bactericidal effect and is effective in preventing the growth of Helicobacter pylori.

3. How to use Evening primrose oil

Composed mostly of linoleic and γ-linolenic acids, evening primrose oil is a very oxidizable oil!
Avoid cooking with heat, use it up in about a month after opening, and store it in the refrigerator!

・Take it as it raw

Try eating 1 teaspoon of Evening Primrose Oil once a day!
I think it's the easiest to take because it's an oil that doesn't have any peculiarities ^ ^

・For soups or drinks

If you don't like to eat oil as it is, you can mix it with soup or drink!
However, the oil is weak against heat, so if you put it in something warm, let it cool down a bit before mixing!

・For skin care

Please use it before lotion after taking a bath or on the body where you are concerned about dryness and roughness. It has a smooth texture and is very easy to use.
However, since it is an oil that is easily oxidized, it may cause skin irritation if used during the day, so it is recommended to use it at night!

4. Notes of Evening primrose oil

The first is to be careful with your intake.
Although γ-linolenic acid is included, most of the composition is linoleic acid. Excessive consumption of linoleic acid can lead to a variety of ailments, so limit your intake of evening primrose oil to 1-2 teaspoons per day!

The second, don't use it for skin care during the day.
As mentioned above, evening primrose oil is prone to oxidation and will oxidize when exposed to the sun. If you leave the oxidized oil on your skin, it will cause rough skin, so if you use evening primrose oil for skin care, it is recommended to use it at night or after a bath!

The third is to be stoic about oil quality.
Specifically, ingredients (organic or not), cold-pressed, in a shading bottle!
This can be said for any oil, but be especially careful with oils that are easy to oxidize!

Recommended Evening primrose oil

Organic, cold-pressed evening primrose oil.
Evening primrose oil for skin care is common, but this can be used for both food and skin care.

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