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What is phytochemicals ? Let’s make good use of the power of plants!

Plants have a lot of unknown powers that we don't know about! One of them is phytochemicals.

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  1. 1.What is phytochemical ?
  2. 2.Types and effects of phytochemicals contained in vegetable oil

1. What is phytochemical ?

Phytochemicals are plant-specific defense systems.

When plants photosynthesize, some of their sugars change to produce chemicals that protect them from the external environment (ultraviolet rays, toxic substances, pests, etc.) that attack them.
This chemical is a phytochemical that cannot be produced in the body of animals, including humans.

Phytochemicals are components contained in color, aroma, bitterness, etc., and famous ones include polyphenols of red grapes and carotenoids of vegetables, but it is said that there are more than 10,000 kinds.

The greatest function of phytochemicals is antioxidant activity. The human body oxidizes with age, and the amount of peroxidants in the body increases, causing lifestyle-related diseases and aging. It is said that phytochemicals have various functions such as preventing aging of the body, promoting metabolism, improving immunity, and strengthening brain function due to this antioxidant effect.

2. Types and effects of phytochemicals contained in vegetable oil

As mentioned above, Since it is produced by plants, it is contained in every plants such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, and tea. Here are some examples of phytochemicals contained in vegetable oils.

phytochemicals contained in vegetable oil
phytochemicals contained in vegetable oil2

Some phytochemicals are sensitive to heat, so it is recommended that the oil selected for phytochemicals be eaten raw with salads and soups!

Also, not only a single phytochemical but also various combinations can be expected to have health benefits, so try have it with various vegetables and fruits !!

Phytochemicals aren't everything, but I hope you'll find the one that suits you best as a reference when you choose an oil!

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