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Oil that can be delicious and beautiful! 【Olive oil】

Speaking of olive oil, I think many people have the image of "healthy oil".
Actually, there are various types of olive oil, and because they are of different grades and qualities, their nutritional value also changes.

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  1. 1.What is Oilve oil?
  2. 2.Effects of Olive oil
  3. 3.How to use Olive oil
    1. Recommended olive oil
  4. 4.Note of Olive oil

What is Oilve oil?

Olive oil is an oil that can be obtained from the pulp of olives.
There are innumerable types of olive oil, depending on the variety and manufacturing method of olives. It is said that there is not much difference in nutritional value depending on the variety, but since the quality varies greatly depending on the manufacturing method, the nutritional value and the effect on the body also differ.
Here, I will talk about the effects of extra virgin olive oil, which has the highest nutritional value, and how to eat it.
Extra virgin olive oil is not only nutritious, but also has a very good taste and aroma, so it is my favorite oil that I usually have.^ ^

olive oil fatty acid
Main fatty acids Oleic acid
Cooking Heating OK (stir-fried food)
Storage method Dark and cool place
Taste / Aroma / Texture Fresh blue scent, bitter taste
Fat-soluble vitamins VitaminE, VitaminK
Phytochemicals Tannins, luteolin, oleuropein, oleocanthal, squalene, β-carotene

Effects of Olive oil

For relieving constipation!

Oleic acid, which accounts for more than 70% of olive oil, activates intestinal motility, so it is effective in relieving constipation. Of course, it's good to use for cooking, but if you have severe constipation, try eating a teaspoon of olive oil as it is!

Anti-aging from inside the body!

One of the phytochemicals, squalene has the function of suppressing active oxygen. Also, because it is rich in polyphenols and vitamin E, it has a strong antioxidant effect, cleans the blood, and rejuvenates the cells, so you can anti-age from inside the body.

Balance blood cholesterol!

Oleic acid lowers LDL-cholesterol, retains HDL-cholesterol, and regulates blood cholesterol levels. Therefore, it leads to prevention and improvement of lifestyle-related diseases such as arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and heart disease.

Anti-inflammatory effect!

Phytochemical Oleocanthal has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and is effective for muscle pain and sore throat! Drink a little less than a teaspoon of olive oil when you have a muscle injury or when your throat is irritated!

How to use Olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil introduced here can be heated, but actually it is not very heat resistant. Overheating not only spoils the taste and aroma of extra virgin olive oil, but can also oxidize and generate harmful substances!
So here, I will show you how to use extra virgin olive oil effectively!

・Eat with bread

Just put olive oil on bread and eat! Transform into flavorful bread!
Of course, it is recommended to put it on toast instead of butter as well as bread.

・Add vinegar and salt for dressing

Since it is an oil with a rich flavor, you can make a delicious dressing just by adding a small amount of salt, soy sauce, or vinegar. It goes well with raw vegetables as well as hot salads!

・Quickly entwined to finish the dish

It's not that strong against heat, but it's not a problem to heat it a little.
When using it for cooking, it is recommended to add it to the finish of stir fry, pasta, soup, etc.!

Recommended olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil made from 100% organically grown olives in the Andalusia region of Spain, the world's largest producer of olive oil. A safe oil made by the cold press method.

Note of Olive oil

Olive oil is nutritious and has great health benefits, but 90% or more of the olive oil on the market is fake!
What this means is that there are no strict regulations on the olive oil sold. There are mixed with other oils and non nutrition oil that is second squeezed is also sold as olive oil, which makes up the majority.

Choosing good quality olive oil is really difficult, but here are some notes on choosing olive oil!

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Cold pressed manufacturing method
  • In a light-shielding glass bottle
  • Not too cheap
  • If possible, choose organically grown

Please refer to the above 5 points when choosing olive oil!

『How to choose good quality oil』is described in detail in the following article, so please take a look if you like!

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