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For eye disease prevention! 【Avocado oil】 Forest butter with plenty of oleic acid

Avocado with a rich taste that is nutritious and is called forest butter! The oil that can be taken from the avocado has the same nutritional value as the avocado and has a rich taste!

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  1. 1.What is Avocado Oil?
  2. 2.Features of Avocado Oil
  3. 3.How to use Avocado Oil
    1. Recommended avocado oil
  4. 4.Notes for Avocado Oil

1. What is Avocado Oil ?

Avocado is known for its rich taste and high nutritional value, which is called forest butter.
Avocado oil extracted from the pulp of such avocado is further condensed with nutritional components other than water-soluble vitamins.
Like olive oil, oleic acid is the main oil, so it is a good quality oil that can also be used for cooking.

Avocado fatty acid
Main fatty acids Oleic acid
Cooking High temperature heating OK
Storage method Dark and cool place
Taste / Aroma / Texture Almost tasteless, odorless, thick and mellow
Fat-soluble vitamins VitaminA, VitaminE
Phytochemicals Lutein, β-carotene

2. Features of Avocado Oil

For eye disease prevention!

Rich in β-carotene, which is effective in preventing cataracts and glaucoma, and lutein, which is effective in preventing night blindness!
Even if it is difficult to eat avocado every day, oil is recommended because it is easy to take in every day!

About 70% oleic acid!

Like olive oil, it is rich in oleic acid, which balances blood cholesterol levels!
In addition, oleic acid activates the movement of the intestines, so it is also effective in relieving constipation!

Gently absorb fat!

The plant sterol β-sitosterol contained in avocado oil has the effect of suppressing fat absorption!

Antioxidant effect!

It is said that vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect, is contained 2 to 3 times as much as olive oil, and it prevents cell oxidation, so it is also effective for anti-aging!

3. How to use Avocado Oil

・Eat raw

The mellow avocado oil is easy to eat even for people who are not good at the green odor and spiciness of olive oil.
Like olive oil, we recommend eating it raw, such as by dipping it in bread or sprinkling it on a salad!

・For stir-fried foods and deep fried foods

In fact, avocado oil is more resistant to heat than olive oil! The smoke point is about 250 °C!
So it's suitable not only for stir-fried foods, but also for ajillo, and although it's a little wasteful, it's also suitable for fried foods!

・For skin care

Avocado oil is not only for eating, but also for skin care.
Moisturizing with abundant oleic acid, Vitamin E and Vitamin A help with anti-aging.
However, since it is a very thick oil, it is recommended to apply it to areas with strong dryness or mix it with other carrier oils and use it on the body and hair!

Recommended avocado oil

Avocado oil from New Zealand.
This oil is extracted at a temperature about 2 °C lower than that of a normal cold press, so it is characterized by its freshness and rich aroma!
High quality oil with 0.1% acidity!

This is also New Zealand cold pressed avocado oil.
In addition to plain, there are flavors such as rosemary, chili, basil, lemon and garlic, so you can choose the oil that suits your needs!

・California Avocado oil
The last is avocado oil from California.
It is recommended that only the first squeezed oil is used, and I am grateful that the points of concern such as BPA-free are clearly stated!
This oil uses avocado of a variety familiar to Japanese people, and the flavor of avocado is stronger than that of other companies, so it is recommended for those who like avocado!
Since the content is smaller than others, it is a size that is easy to use up!

4. Notes for Avocado Oil

As with any other oil, not all avocado oils are good, so be sure to buy good quality oils made by cold pressing!
The oil extracted by the high temperature pressing method has its nutritional components destroyed, and the avocado oil doesn't have a lush green color or a thick feeling. Also, be careful as it may contain trans fatty acids!!

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